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About Haifa

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  • There are free and equipped “Best of Israel” beaches in Haifa.
  • In Haifa the climate is mild, one that most people dream of. In the summer, Haifa is not as stuffy and hot as Tel Aviv, Bat Yam, or Netanya, and the winter is not as cold as that in Jerusalem.
  • The location of Haifa is very convenient. The Christian shrines, such as Capernaum, Nazareth, Mount of the Beatitudes, Caesaria, and Sea of Galilee are only 30-40 minutes away from Haifa.
  • Nature, rich mushroom forests, rivers, waterfalls, and beautiful landscapes are in the vicinity of Haifa; things that you will not find in the center of the country.
  • Prices for clothing, food, and restaurants are significantly lower than in other cities, especially Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.
  • The cave of Elijah the Prophet attracts people from all over the world to ask for love, happiness, and children.
  • Haifa is the center of the monotheistic Baha’i religion. The most recognizable symbol is the Baha’i Temple, surrounded by magnificent gardens called the eighth wonder of the world.
  • Haifa has one of the oldest underground tramways, and even has an unusual zoo.
  • Only in Haifa and Eilat do buses run on Saturdays.

About our Guest house

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One of the few houses built during the late 1860s is the house to which we invite you to spend your unforgettable vacation in Haifa. Come to the atmosphere of the mid-19th century to climb the old wooden staircase, walk into the room, open the shutters, and feel the spirit of revolutionary change that has made Haifa unique.

Every stone and every element of the house breathes history; inviting many tourists to stop at our house and take pictures of its various fragments. Whether of the carved wooden shutter snaps, the house number, or a marble sign indicating the date of construction of the house, the house is a monument protected by the state. In fact, many tourists are attracted by the surviving iron jamb that cleans boots from the mud — at the time of the Templars, when the house was built, the mud around them was plenty.

Incidentally the snap shutters are very original: on one side of them is a bust of a woman, but on the other of a man. They say that in the old times, the snap shutters were turned in the desired direction depending on who lived in the room.

By making our home comfortable and modern, we have tried to preserve important historical moments. Preserved since that time, for example, is the heating system, which operates on the principle of rising warm air from the stove and penetrating special troughs in all the rooms of house. Today the oven is being replaced with modern methods of maintaining the microclimate inside the room, namely, air conditioning, working on heating and cooling.

The house is located in close proximity (only a 3-10 minute walk) to the main international port, the central railway station, the entrance to the Baha’i gardens, the sea , from the tomb of the prophet Elijah, the “City center” shopping mall, and the Arab bazaar with a huge selection of exotic fruits, spices, and baklava in the penny prices. In addition, the bus (bus stop located near the house) allows you to reach the equipped beaches (considered the best on the Mediterranean coast), the zoo, the Rambam and Elisha Hospital, the cable car, and the Carmelite Monastery, among other places, in just 5-10 minutes.

History facts

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Due to the fact that the German Templars found Haifa to have great potential, they established the first settlement on the territory of Israel. At the time, their village, or the German Colony as it is commonly known, consisted of small houses with tiled roofs. Its location on both sides of the broad street now bears the name of Ben-Gurion. Behind the houses were placed agricultural lands, gardens, and various craft shops.

Today many tourists admire the European miracle created by the Templars. Some of the houses on the right side are the architectural monuments of Israel, protected by the state. That is why the German Colony in Haifa became the central place of pilgrimage for tourists from all over the world.

Particularly attracted to the main street Ben Gurion, because of her many boutiques, pubs, cafes, and restaurants for every taste. Arab, Mediterranean, Japanese, French, and Chinese cuisine are just a small list of things you can eat in the restaurants.

About Baha’i

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Many have contributed to the current beauty of Ben Gurion St. such as followers of the Bahá’í faith – one of the meditative world religions.

Until 2001 tourists could visit the burial place of one of the founders of this religion on behalf of the Bab, located in the temple with a golden dome, and enjoy the stretches of the well-tended garden beside it. Today, this garden is preserved at the central level of the current Baha’i Gardens.

In 2000, the mayor of Haifa, at the request of, and with the direct participation of followers of the Baha’i faith, launched an ambitious project – building a wide staircase leading down from the summit of Mount Caramel to its base and passing through the Baha’i Temple. The staircase is composed of eighteen segments, separated by galleries, fountains, palm trees and flowers of great beauty. This stairway is decorated with various sculptures and ornaments.

Descending from the Baha’i Temple at the foot of Mount Caramel, you get to the street, Ben Gurion. During the construction Baha’i Gardens, via Ben Gurion, were completely restored and was a continuation of the line coming down from the Temple stairs, and reaching to the sea.

In the evenings, the sun hides behind the horizon and the restaurants of the “German Colony” are illuminated along with the Baha’i Gardens flashing different lights. It is a magnificent spectacle show with the garden’s backlight – you can watch for hours; sitting over a cup of tea in the attic of our guesthouse.

hotels in israel